Researched by: Nwosu Danniella (SSS 3)(Dining Hall Prefect)

Mistakes Young People Make

To the best of my knowledge, young people are an exciting group of people. There are the timid and unadventurous teenagers and there is the outgoing, bold and daring young man or woman who is ready to face any challenge. Male or female, the teenagers present different traits

As simple as these sounds, these young men and women are prone to mistakes, only common to people in their age group. Some youngsters, only a few of them I know, not all of them, lack focus. They have no plan for themselves, as they are unwilling to learn and just would not care. Some choose careers for all sorts of inappropriate reasons, while other do not even know what to choose.

Peer pressure is one phenomenon that many youngsters fall victim to, only the very emotionally strong ones can withstand the influence of peers who will suggest all manners of things at this period of life. This is when fraud, gangsterism and drug abuse come up.

Some risk underage driving, while some others lack proper time management skills. Rather the apportion time to useful ventures such as studying, many waste it on endless phone calls, the internet, social networking sites (Facebook, twitter, I.G, Snapchats, Whatsapp….) and video games.

My dear friends, especially the graduating class, remember ‘Mistakes are part of the dues ones pays for a full life’ (Sophia Loren) but ‘…the only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing’ (John Powell)

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