Researched by: Adegbola Anjoolaoluwa (SSS 1)

Life Essentials…

  • No way to success, except through hard work;
  • He, who lives without discipline, dies without honour;
  • Many want to succeed but are not willing to pay the price;
  • Laziness walks slowly that poverty overtakes it;
  • He that prays to receive, must learn how to give;
  • The dignity of labour is the greatest of all dignity;
  • Tiredness without fulfilled goals never makes a better life I suppose;
  • He that stumbles on a stone deserves a broken neck;
  • Do not live to eat, but eat to live;
  • Procrastination makes unfulfilled life, while diligence puts one in front of others;
  • Do the better when good seem not to;
  • For sure, he that lacks wisdom really lacks purpose on earth;


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