Researched by: Lemo Faith (SSS)

Indeed, it was an Unforgettable Experience

I am Tonia by name. I am very disobedient and lazy. I can get what I want no matter how difficult it may be. I don’t have respect for anybody because I believe there is no one who can control me, but I was wrong. Something happened and this incident changed me for the rest of my life.

It all started after my university and I was posted to serve in Borno state.

As I have said earlier, I was disobedient, lazy and stubborn. I would always get into fights with my friends when I was in secondary school. I had this idea in my head that if you are beautiful, guys would be at your service and you don’t need to be humble. This is because, when I get into a conflict with guys, they always get affected and I am never moved by anyone’s reaction.

Anyway, the day I got to Borno state for my NYSC, the water was so bad and my fellow corps members managed it but I could not.

Enitan, who was my closest friend, told me to use the water like that but I wouldn’t hear of it. Instead, I used a body-wiper to clean my body. I wore my NYSC uniform and left. The tasks were difficult and I had to cut-out. I told the instructor to give me a break in a rude manner and later, we were posted to different classes to teach in different subjects. I was so disgusted with the children because they looked dirty and unkempt.

I came to the class as usual and did not know that my zip was open and the children were making fun of me. When Anita, a student in my class called my attention to it, I was very angry and beat her mercilessly, so she left my class.

Unknown to me, her father was an herbalist. I woke up the following morning and left for school. I was in class during assembly when I saw thousands of soldier ants coming inside the class. I wanted to jump through the window but they had surrounded everywhere. They covered my whole body and it was a terrible experience. I kept removing and they kept increasing. Finally, I saw myself on the floor and they had entered every part of my body. I screamed but they held on tight to my body, unwilling to let go. I needed no one to tell me who did this to me.

Enitan came to check on me and found me and called for help. The Headmaster sent for Anita’s father and he poured some substances on my body and the soldier ants disappeared but left big scars on my body.

My beauty disappeared and I was rushed to the hospital. I woke up and asked for Anita’s forgiveness. Indeed, it was the biggest lesson of my life. I have turned a new leaf, but the scars are still on my body.

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