• To teach students to acquire basic skills in science
  • To inspire students to deepen their knowledge and understanding of science
  • To provide resources to enable a high quality of teaching and learning in science
  • To help students develop critical thinking skills that could be applied in other subjects or areas of life.
  • To prepare students to achieve the highest standards in internal and external examinations.

In addition to classroom teaching and learning, we make science a real life experiences through research-based projects was
carried out as well as field trips (excursions). Meanwhile, all these practical applications of science made the students
reason as intending-science inventors.


  • The department was also able to fabricate the following:
  • Blood pressure and temperature monitoring devise(G.S.M Module);
  • Wireless transmission of electricity;
  • Mobile phone charger using D.C.source;
  • Biomass converter.
  • Making of homemade Biodiesel.

The Chemistry, biology and Physics:

  • Practical sessions in our laboratories also achieved the followings:
  • Dissection of rat showing the arrangement of digestive system;
  • Culturing of microorganisms;
  • Acid-base titration;
  • Law of conservation of matter;
  • Quantitative analysis;
  • Demonstration of diffusion using potassium permanganate;
  • Experiment on determination of specific heat capacity;
  • Experiment on electricity using the voltmeter, ammeter, galvanometer, Multimetre, Potentiometer, and Constantans wire.

Agricultural Science

  • Determination of rate of water percolation in clay, loam and sand soil;
  • Determination of capillarity of soil samples.


The students were taught on to produce “US3 LED (LIGHT EMITTING DIODE) CIRCUIT”. More so, the students were introduced to electrical components and devices with in-depth   knowledge of electrical circuiting

Flag Off Mathematics Competition Academy:

  • Some selected students were subjected to series of trainings for external mathematics competition such as Cowbell National Mathematics Competition and Mathematics Olympia for Secondary Schools.

Mathematics Workshop:

  • The school based programme gave our students opportunity to listen to different professionals in the field of Mathematics who enlightened them on the application of Mathematics in diverse careers ranging from Arts, to Social science, Law and other walks of life. Intra-school competition was organised by the school during the workshop. The following are speakers and their respective topics:

Day 1: Monday, 13th February, 2017;

1st speaker: Engr. Tony Okoye; Topic: The relevance of Mathematics in careers.

2nd speaker: Mr. Osaretin Osemwegie; Topic: Mathematics as a tool for Economic, Financial and Administrative activities.

Day 2: Wednesday, 15th February, 2017;

1st speaker: Engr. Olalekan Adebambo; Topic: Strategies for stimulating students to learn Mathematics: Role of parents and the school.

2nd speaker: Mr. Odiri Asagba; Topic: Statistics (a branch of Mathematics) and its role in the secondary school curriculum.

3rd speaker: Barrister Adeyinka Adegbola; Topic: The relevance of Mathematics in the Legal profession.

4th speaker: Engr. Babatunde Faleye; Topic: Mathematics in the workplace and higher education.

5th speaker: Mr. Akanbi Ajayi; Topic: Connecting Mathematics with work and life.


  • In the 2016/17 academic session, precisely 3rd term, two winners emerged from our school, Laureates College, in the MATHEMATIC OLYMPIAD for LAGOS SECONDARY SCHOOLS. A total of 14 students in different classes represented the school during the MATHEMATIC OLYMPIAD contest in which two students: AYOMIDE FATAI came out top with the first position in JSS2 category and CHINAZA OKIDI came out with second position in JSS3 category respectively.

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