Welcome to the multi-disciplinary Department of Humanities, where knowledge meets real life lessons. Here, we make it a point of duty to bring the up-to-date experiences of the world at large into our lessons. In that regard, Language, Moral instructions and Religion, constitute the bedrock of our academic concerns; hence, these fields are the salt that sweetens all acclaimed intellectual pursuits. Humanities’ subjects devote particular attention to the ways people in various times and places have expressed cultural values, practices and ideas of a philosophical, religious, moral, political and aesthetic nature. They foster a critical approach to reading and research that, in helping students learn to identify and question preconceived assumptions and values, allow them to engage and appreciate the interrelationship between diverse value systems and thereby to develop an analysis of the human and of human community.

Our objectives as a department

  • To develop students’ interest in the different subject disciplines within humanities.
  • To encourage students to think critically and be able to form balanced opinions on topical issues.
  • To provide the resources needed for effective teaching and learning.
  • To prepare students to achieve the highest standards in internal and external examinations.

We are poised towards achieving academic excellence and reaching out to each child’s learning ability. The Languages Department is equipped to shape each student’s language development to reflect their identity, values and experiences both in and out of lessons.


  • An open participation by the department in the 2017 edition of the International Mother Language Day, held on the 21st February, 2017, witnessed various display of local dialects by both the teachers and the students alike;
  • The department participated in the Africa Day celebration, held in the school hall on 25th May, 2017.
  • Apart from the listed events, the department staged a week-long Literary Week between 13th-16th June, which featured talks, presentations, and drama in all the Languages: English, French, Yoruba and Igbo.

Day 1: Tuesday, 13th June, 2017: Event of the day;

-Indigenous languages; Yoruba and Igbo languages were celebrated by the students through various presentations using both languages.

Day 2: Wednesday, 14th June, 2017: Events of the day;

-English language as an official language (L1);

-The history of English language in Nigeria;

Day 3: Thursday, 15th June, 2017: Events of the day;

-Foreign language display: French language and the West African countries;

-Read to me Dad: This section had four speakers;

1st speaker: Mr. Asagba;

2nd speaker: Mr. Adebambo;

3rd speaker: Mr. Sadiq Ibrahim

4th speaker: Mr. Yomi Laju

Day 4: Events of the day;

-A stage play titled “The Prodigal Brothers” led by Mr. Femi David;

-Spelling Bee completion for both junior and senior students respectively;

-A seminar titled “Misuse of some selected words by Nigerian speakers of the English language” anchored by Mr. Olusola Mayowa.
On the 19th October, 2016, precisely, the school attended a debate competition at Krystabal Schools, Mafoluku, Oshodi. It was tagged “Interschool Debate Competition”.


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