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It is the mission of the Department of Business Studies to develop the students who are empowered with knowledge, skills, and attitudes to make informed and responsible decisions in a diverse and interdependent world. On the whole, the department focuses on developing students in different areas of human endeavours, especially man and his environment. We also focus on building the students in the aspects of interactions with others in the society, empowering them as the functional leaders of tomorrow with wise financial decision-makings. On their part, the students of Geography are being trained to know what is “WHERE” in the world, that is, spatial distribution of phenomenon on the earth surface. For Economics and Financial Accounting students, these subjects help the students in making wise decisions especially when choosing alternatives.



  • School based legislative assemblies were organized during which their knowledge and skills of legislative processes and procedures were rekindled; (Wednesday, 10th May, 2017)
  • Students also conducted school-based referendum designed to test their knowledge of electoral processes; (15th-19th May, 2017)
  • TV interviews were conducted by SS 1 students on wide ranging issues the affect the lives of Nigerian citizens; (2nd term Easter Holiday)
  • More so, the annual community services (during the last Christmas break) were undertaken by all students in the senior school to make more responsible citizens out of them; (Any time during the 2017 Christmas break)
  • The Africa Day (25th May, 2017) was celebrated to reflect the cultural heritage of the people of Nigeria. It was a day of many activities, using strong display of events to show off the diverse Nigerian cultures and tradition.
  • “Moot courts” were also organized by the students who are interested in the legal profession; (8th-10th March 2017).


  • Land-form modules were made with clay and paper Marché (Volcanic mountain, plateau and hills): (8th-9th June, 2017)
  • Drama Sessions on assertiveness, aggressiveness, passiveness and various social issues/problems facing man in the society: (8th-12th May, 2017)


  • Students’ business skills and acumen were improved through engaging in diverse forms of international trade at the 2016 International Trade Fair: (7th-13th November 2016)


  • Excursion to the Nigerian Stock Exchange and the Nigerian Postal Service:
    (Thursday, 22nd June, 2017)


  • All round distinctions were recorded in Government, Geography, Economics, and Financial Accounting in the last WASSCE May/June 2016 results.

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